Monday, May 02, 2011

True courage

I have always enjoyed Steve Farrar's books and his latest proved to be no exception. It tracks the story of Daniel as told in the first six chapters. Farrar has the great ability to be faithful to the story and clearly has a love of bible teaching whilst also being able to enable this amazing story to come alive for a contemporary context. His real gift is discovering wonderful stories and the account of the life of Churchill and his meeting with Billy Graham makes this book worth its cover price and more. I long to tell you it but it will spoil the enjoyment.

I often return to the story of Daniel and recently taught it to some lovely Christians serving in the British army in Germany. What has struck me afresh is Daniels lack of compromise in the face of real pressure to do just that. It is a timely read for me. I really recommend this as an easy, engaging yet challenging read that you will chomp through quickly and rewardingly.

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