Sunday, May 08, 2011

Do not quit

I recommended The Cost of Discipleship some time ago and someone who reads the blog listened to it. It deeply impacted and encouraged them.

Today or this week, why not take some time to revisit the costliness of following Jesus for you by watching this. You may be in a hard season, you may be questioning things, you may be finding your church a struggle, you may be feeling that God has not answered your prayers, your relationships may be under pressure, your kids may have rejected Jesus, you may long for something that has not yet materialised or you may just feel like giving up on Jesus for reasons that are just plain cumulative. Why do I think you might be feeling like that? Well, because on many occasions I have  felt exactly that and fully anticipate that I may feel this again. Following Jesus is hard. It really is. But my prayer and hope is that you will not quit. That you will keep following, learning, worshipping, loving and serving Jesus.

Keep running the race dear friend. Keep running. It's worth it.

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