Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Serious times

I am sometimes not very good at thinking up post titles but have called this 'Serious times' because it's the book I'm reading. I came across White a few years ago when I read the truly excellent Rethinking the church and see that now he is running Gordon Conwell. More recently, he joined Rick Warren for a podcast called How to stay mentally fit for ministry that I found truly fascinating. Both men agreed that before you do anything else anyone who wants to know anything should be made to read 'How to read a book'. I concur.

Anyone who is breathing and reads this blog will have heard the storm over Bell's book. I like it when a big gun holds fire, prays, reads Scripture, thinks, asks the Lord and only then decides he has something to say. Thanks to my pal Will for putting my on to Francis Chan on Hell on his blog called What's going on. The book called Erasing Hell is coming out in July. Great title.

Who decides to teach a thousand page doctrine book to two year olds? That would be nuts but of course someone has decided to do it. No prizes for guessing who. The man's aflame. His great sermon on Gift vs Works righteousness is one not to miss.

A thought on the forgiveness of sins

Finally, you have to expect the Church mouse to write a good post on the rapture and twitter. It's a gift for such an anointed anonymous rodent.

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