Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The King's Cross

I have been reading the King's Cross by Tim Keller devotionally. It is a collection of sermons through the gospel of Mark and is wonderfully suited to prayerful and slow reflection over a month or two as I have been doing. There are so many treasures included in these pages.

"Most people in the world believe that if there is a God, you relate to God by being good. Most religions are based on that principle, though there are a million different variations on it. Some religions are what might be called nationalistic: You connect to God, they say, by coming into our people group and taking on the markers of society membership. Other religions are spiritualistic: You reach God by working your way through certain transformations of consciousness. Yet other religions are legalistic: There's a code of conduct, and if you follow it God will look upon you with favour. But they all have the same logic: If I perform, if I obey, I'm accepted. The gospel of Jesus is not only different from that it is diametrically opposed to it: I'm fully accepted in Jesus Christ, and therefore I obey"

(Page 39)

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