Friday, April 15, 2011

Angry God or an Angry Bird?

Anyone who has spent any time in the Christian blogosphere can not have failed to notice the massive debate that Rob Bell's book Love wins has caused. The extent of the debate has now propelled the discussion about hell to the cover of Time Magazine asking 'Is Hell dead?'.  Now, if you have sight of a magazine stand you are being included in this contemporary debate about heaven and hell.

My copy of Love wins arrived yesterday. It seems important to read it even though everyone and their dog has formed a view and shared it. This is probably the most comprehensive. As it happens, in our preaching through Acts it fell to me to preach on Acts 24 last Sunday on a verse that spoke about the wicked and the righteous. It has provided me with more sermon feedback than I have had in a while from young and old alike.

You might also like to listen to this important talk by Don Carson and its panel discussion.

As an amusing aside, the panel discussion starts with Kevin de Young saying he will be asking questions from his iphone. He says "Don't worry I'm not playing Angry birds". There is then a long pause and Tim Keller responds by saying, "What's Angry Birds?" This may go quite some way to explaining why he is one of the leading thinkers, pastors, preachers and writers of his generation......

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