Thursday, January 07, 2010

A first 2010 selection of discoveries

Well, I have been away for a Christmas break and have been doing some listening, reading and watching. I have missed my three readers so Happy New Year to you:)

I was given the excellent Jesus and the Racing Rat for Christmas and think it is an absolutely terrific book. I would call this a book in the bridge-builder category and is particularly good to give those in business and work in general. I am always on the look out for books that I can give to people who do not yet believe in Jesus and do normal things (as I used to..) and this is up there with the best of them. Geoff takes the seven last words from the cross and works them into a 'seven habits' style apologetic. Again I say it- this a great book to give someone you work with or have started to discuss spiritual matters with. Buy it, read it and give it away to someone who is exploring the big questions (or use it as a Lent book for your community group or church?).

Some may not know, but I used to work in the tobacco industry -so when I spotted a book called 'The God who smokes' it demanded my attention. I loved this and will try and post some thoughts on it at some point but here is a review in the meantime.

My holiday read has been the truly captivating The Great Bridge. If you thought financial corruption was a noughties invention it isn't. The story of Roebling's amazing engineering achievement is hard to put down.

I picked up this book off a friend's shelf called Bible Difficulties and think it might be worth having for those scratchy-head moments.

On the music front on my long drives I have been loving this album Hobo by Charlie Winston.

If you don't own this you should. We laughed out loud and McIntyre really is one of the funniest men around (Here he is at the Apollo).

A bit of sermon listening too. I recommended my friend's two talks ("Do you love God?" and "Do you know God loves you") to a lady in my church and she was much blessed. Why not listen to A Year of Change while you are at it...All can be found HERE.

I have also been working through a series by Keller called The Faces of Sin ( Redeemer has a SALE ON) and enjoyed Driscoll's talk called Christ the Lord which gives such a clear overview of worldviews and some consequences. He also has a new one in the Proverbs series called Marriage.

I took my eldest nephew to see Sherlock Holmes which was quite a bit of fun.

Will try and do a Blog-sweep soon


Clout said...

Welcome back! I have missed your ramblings!

James said...

Great to have you back! Always enjoy reading your posts.