Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I listened to a great interview on the Today program about the new film The Boys are Back. Gary has had a cheeky preview.

Type tells a story and some advice that you should find a calling and then deliver.

A post for the more geeky on one man's Top Ten Linksand one on IPOD apps

How much difference would it make?

This man seems to know a thing or two about small groups which you might want to check-out and some books to read on the subject.

Finally, I am looking forward to going to this exhibition at the RA that you should go to even if you don't like art (one of my readers went to the last one I recommended and although he won't admit it he really enjoyed himself!)

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Clout said...

Oh, alright. Seeing the wax cannon firing at the wall was good fun . . but I'm not going to cut my ear off now!