Friday, January 15, 2010


I spent the day yesterday with the Curates of Southwark visiting Ascension Balham to discuss leadership. We were wonderfully looked after and blessed so thank you all.

How are you getting on with your resolutions? Henry Cloud suggests the process of maturity.

Haiti is greatly in our thoughts and prayers and of the many things that I have read on the subject Tim Challies, Kester and Donald Miller have made me think the most.

The most famous preacher of the last century was Charles Spurgeon and the thought is 'We can all make a difference'. One man Spurgeon inspired is Driscoll and here he reflects on what he would done differently in his church plant which had very, very small beginnings. I think Driscoll now seems to be making a bit of a difference?

Piper in this Q&A describes reading the bible like a love letter and how this relates to study and it has really really stuck with me (28 minutes in) Peterson might call it Caveat Lector

My friend looking like Rowan Williams:)

And a final observation on preaching - and make sure you give it more than five minutes.

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