Friday, July 04, 2008

Spur one another on

We had a great day yesterday at our leaders conference. It was great not least because among the 80 attendees were 12 friends from Wycliiffe. When the saints gather and worship, pray, talk and eat togehter it is a wonderful thing. I always hope that the people I invite to these days but don't come could have been with us. Hebrews 10 has been important to me this year- we must keep meeting and we must ...'spur one another on'.

Are you meeting regularly with people who spur you on (and that is not Sunday services)?

I surely hope that is what happened yesterday.

Mike Riches and J John blessed us mightily. Do listen to the talks on our podcast(should be available in a day or two). They are packed with wisdom and insight. Mike observed that when he asks Pastors the question "What is the purpose of the church?" he usually gets a thousand answers: to pray, to sing, to win the lost. to teach, to love, to break bread and on and on. His challenge was that if we as leaders can't agree on a purpose then how on earth are those we lead meant to know. If you want the answer then listen to the talk. He also gave us his thoughts on Lakeland which were very helpful.

J John gave a wonderful talk and very amusing talk on the church and evangelism. Having been in Ministry for 28 years and visited '000's of churches all around the world, you perhaps should not be surprised to learn that the leading evangelist in the nation has some things to share that are helpful.

Can I commend something? If you want to be taught, blessed and encouraged then sign up for a pastor's conference this November. Three days of teaching and prayer.

November 16th to 18th at the Winchester Vineyard book- HERE

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