Monday, July 21, 2008

How do you read the bible?

I have just finished Richard Foster's latest book Life with God on how to read the bible. This is a continuation of his other works, in that it covers his familiar terrain of spiritual disciplines. I enjoyed this and found the story of John Woolman particularly moving. Foster sees reading the bible not as a task, duty or source of guilt (as it is for so many-sadly particularly for evangelical Christians) but as a means of living the life of God. He sees the bible as a living work of grace and right reading as essential to the working of effective and productive grace in the Christian life. If you have questions about the bible, want to find more joy in reading it and want to enliven your disciplines and prayer life this is the book for you.

Talking of enjoying Life with God, Pete sent me an addition to the Izzard collection. Great stuff and the sort of thing they should be watching at Lambeth to keep them sane.

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