Friday, April 04, 2008

Studio 60

At college a tribe of us were West Wing fans. For the uninitiated, this was an amazing series written by Aaron Sorkin and is some of the best TV drama of recent years. Sorkin's writing is clever, political, thoughtful, funny and heart-warming.

Studio 60 is a fictional portrayal of what happens behind the scenes at 'Saturday night live', America's longest running topical sketch show. There is lots to enjoy here. The character of Harriet Hayes is particularly fascinating as she represents the face of reasonable and rational Christianity. She is constantly pitted against both her employers (the liberal left) and the the religious (the fundamental right). She is a breath of fresh air and makes up part of a wonderful set of characters.

For thoughtful and entertaining TV this is difficult to beat.

Come on the BBC- you need to try harder if this is what you are up against.

Sadly NBC have not renewed it as it was thought too sophisticated for the mass-market.

That's a shame.

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