Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here are some bible reading resources I talked about this morning at Sozo. The first is the McCheyne plan and Don Carson's excellent book 'For the Love of God' which comes in two volumes and gives you a page of commentary each day on your reading. Also I commend Peterson's 'A long obedience in the same direction' (this is a great bedside table book and you can do a chapter at a time) and 'Answering God' as a way into the Psalms. If you want to understand biblical meditation Pritchard's book called 'The lost art of mediation' is great and if you want to understand the 'Lectio Divina' Peterson has a wonderful explanation in 'Eat this Book'. For those who just want to zip up their spiritual life then 'Restoring you spiritual passion 'by MacDonald is great. For the best sermons I know check out Tim Keller at Redeemer. You have to buy them but they are gold and about 20 are free online. His teaching on Psalms is amazing and available on MP3.

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