Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have spent a couple of days with my pal Simon at the Vineyard leaders conference. It was a thought-provoking time and good to hang out with an amazing bunch of people. I commend the talks to you and the pick of the bunch was Rich Nathan on being missional in the 21st century (Tuesday evening). Also Simon on both holiness and mercy. In my most hopeful hour these are the sort of talks I would love Rich and Simon to give to the House of Bishops to awaken them into a new wineskin.

The talk that made me cry was by Ele Mumford. She showed a film of the history of the Vineyard Movement that renewed in me a love of the church and fresh vision of what church can be but so often isn't. It is well worth a watch. It comes in three parts: 1 ,2 and 3.

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