Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well done Ma

My ma has just returned from a cultural trip to Iran and yes, you did hear right, I did say Iran. She's quite a plucky woman my mum and as it turns out she had an amazing time exploring the birthplace of civilisation. I thought I would share just one picture and the story that goes with it. This is a picture of a Zorastrian burial site she visited. The hole in the distance was the place that they put the dead bodies for the flesh to be eaten by birds. If your right eye got picked out first it was heaven for you and if it was the left then I'm afraid it was hell. Only once just the bones were left were you put in the hole nearest in the picture. Sounds barbaric and theologically misguided doesn't it? Primitive thinking that us clever modern people would never believe. Well maybe. Just try asking people who they think goes to heaven and why and see if they have any better idea about what happens and on what basis. Without Jesus it is all a birdseye-pulling lottery.

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