Sunday, April 15, 2007

Losing your virginity

In an interesting article in the Sunday Times Cosmo Landesman explores 'Forgotten truths about sex' (just bung this into the Times website and the article should come up) In it, he tells of the 420m pages of porn and its disasterous impact in feeding human kinds insatiable sexual appetite. However, among theses he has found a site of some interest called 'the virginity project' (no link offered so explore of your own volition if you so wish). He praises its honesty, and originality as an outlet for revisiting real emotions about the most precious of things that we have to give away.

He concludes his article by saying:

" Monro's site may seem like an aberation compared with the internet's carnival of explicit eroticism. But it is actually a return to the early vision of the internet by Tim Bernes-Lee, the creator of the world-wide web. For him, 'the dream behind the web is of a common information space in which we can communicate by sharing information.....Maybe our sex-soaked world is ready for a little more communication and a lot less consumption"

In a culture where sex is cheap and accessible and real relationship hard to come by for so many, reflecting on your first sexual encounter may not be such a bad thing thing.

Less consumption and more communication says Landesman. Sounds like a good idea.

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