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5 Facebook tips pastors should share with parents

Print off this article, share it, or save it to a PDF to email it. I don’t care the medium it gets transmitted, just get this into the hands of parents.

Judging the world [essential reading]

I like the way Dallas Willard talks about this:
Non-discipleship is the elephant in the church. It is not the much discussed moral failures, financial abuses, or the amazing general similarity between Christians and non-Christians. These are only effects of the underlying problem…It is now understood to be a part of the “good news” that one does not have to be a life student of Jesus in order to be a Christian and receive forgiveness of sins. This gives a precise meaning to “cheap grace” though it would be better described as costly faithlessness
Quotes from Movements that change the world  and A Review (get this book)

“God takes the initiative and chooses unlikely people, far from the centre of ecclesiastical power. He works to remake them from the inside out. He inspires innovative insights regarding his mission and how it is to be carried out. Biblical truths and practices are rediscovered. A growing band of ordinary people emerges who have a heartfelt faith and missionary zeal that knows no bounds. Despite opposition from powerful forces within society and the existing church, the gospel spreads into unreached fields. The existing church is renewed, and society is transformed. Eventually every movement declines as it [starts to think] its treasure is buried in this world rather than the next. Meanwhile God goes looking for another lonely shepherd boy who is cold, hungry, and a long way from home.”

You are not a sinful wretch and some push-back in You are not a sinful wretch part 2

So, stop the self-loathing. God loves you so much that he put your old self to death and raised you to new life with Christ, filling you with the Spirit so that you might embrace that new life and live for his praise and glory. Open the settings for your Twitter account, erase the bit that says 'sinful wretch', and replace it with 'new creation'. And rejoice in the new life you have in Christ.

Against abortion but pro-Choice?

The student was hardly alone. She was echoing the sentiments of millions of Americans who personally dislike abortion but do not identify as pro-life. Their beliefs are perfectly summed up in this popular bumper sticker: "Don't like abortion? Don't have one." Notice the bumper sticker completely transforms the nature of the abortion debate with a single word---"like." 

The Secret Thoughts of an unlikely Convert

This is a genuinely refreshing read by a woman who, it seems, states and sacrificially acts on her thoughtful and deeply-held convictions with characteristic boldness. I should love to debate with her about all kind of things, but I hope I have also learned from this sobering, provocative and joyful testimony

Mormonism 101

Presidential elections are important. But believing the truth is even more important. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to provide a brief overview of Mormon history and theology. I won’t try to debunk Mormonism or prove Christianity. But I hope this quick survey will show that the two are not the same.

The Sun will rise (this is beautiful)

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