Friday, November 30, 2012

A list of thoughts

1. Dilemma of the day is what costume to wear for a party with the theme 'Nativity'. Everyone tells me going as a donkey would be unwise. I still think it's a great idea.

2. Whilst the Church of England goes through its turmoil spare a thought for similar angst within 'The Flyfishers' Club'. Women members or not? Do pray.

3. You must listen to this wonderful talk which will a) Convince you the C of E may already have women bishops and b) Contains the brilliant line "It's quite something to wake up in bed with a Charismatic".

4. I've started reading Dangerous Calling and my pastor pal has just started Vertical Church and tells me 'It's great stuff'.

5. I love this testimony which contains the splendid ditty "Huh- prayer... I never thought of that"

6. I'm thinking of asking Santa for a new set of golf clubs.

7. I am more certain than ever that I would look ridiculous with a moustache.

8. Stop and think

9. I have been looking forward to Lincoln all year and now think I may have actually missed it in the cinema. Duh.

10. Tim Keller has written yet another new series of pamphlets (a smashing but rather odd word) starting with 'The Sceptical Student'

Oh and J R Briggs has a new 'Links that will change your life'

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