Thursday, November 08, 2012

Revivals and renewals

'In other words, revival and renewals are necessary because the default mode of the human heart is works-righteousness- we do not ordinarily live as if the gospel is true. Christians often believe in their heads that "Jesus accepts me, therefore I will live a good life," but their hearts and actions are functioning practically on the principle "I live a good life, therefore Jesus accepts me." The results of this inversion are smug self-satisfaction (if we feel we are living up to standards) or insecurity, anxiety and self-hatred (if we feel we are failing to live up). In either case, the results are defensiveness, a critical spirit, racial or cultural ethnocentricity to bolster a sense of righteousness, an allergy to change, and other forms of spiritual deadness, both individual and corporate. In sharp contrast, the gospel of sheer grace offered to hopeless sinners will humble and comfort all at once. The results are joy, a willingness to admit faults, graciousness with all and a lack of self-absorbtion'

Tim Keller, Centre Church

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