Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back to the day job

1. A very good piece by Tanya Marlow.

2. It's worth noting that the fastest-growing church in the UK has no women elders. What they are doings, which the C of E is not, is planting lots of churches.

3. Thomas Creedy makes a good point about twitter.

4. I've been pondering the word 'Laity' all week.

5. Always good at times like these to do a word study of the NT on the greek word 'episcopos'.

6. Has the Holy Spirit spoken to the church through this or not?

7. I went around Corrie ten Boom's house last week who was quite a force.

8. My pal in Canada went to this talk which is worth a watch around the idea of carrying the 'weight' (be you a man or a woman).

9. Wonder what Jackie Pullinger makes of it all?

10. My Bishop is away on sabbatical.


Becca McG said...

I'm interested in no.2 above and why this rapid growth is "worth noting"? Are you suggesting that they are growing because on their theology on women or in spite of it?

Tanya Marlow said...

Thanks for the shout-out :-)

David Cooke said...

I don't believe women bishops hold the key to the survival of the C of E as so many have been saying this week. I believe a clear vision, mission, planting and evangelism do.

Elders/ Bishops who meet to fast, pray, prophesy and listen to God for three days with a unity of purpose (as the 800 NFI leaders do two or three times a year) seems to be the key to their growth rather than them being male.

Anonymous said...

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