Friday, November 04, 2011

Never walk alone

At one point yesterday the subject of resources for Church planting came up and my pal Wayne shouted out 'Just read Cookies days' as he's a fan- he even recommended it in his parish notice sheet :) So as a response of gratitude here are ten things quickly off the top of my head that I hope will bless our newly forming cohort of people exploring opportunities for growth and planting.

"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it but God has been making it grow
1 Corinthians 3 v 6 

1.They might like to read If I wanted to recommend one book a church planter should read....

2. They keep an eye to the blogs of Mike Breen, J R Briggs, Ben Sternke, Doug Paul, and Justin Buzzard (all linked on the side bar among many others that I hope will encourage and birth new thoughts)

3. They could subscribe to the leadership coaching podcasts at both the Resurgence and Perry Noble.

4. They may be blessed if they do one of these 30 things.

5. They should follow and be inspired by the story of Steve Furtick (you should perhaps show his planting story to your team?) and let him teach you how to preach for decision.

6. They might want to ponder on the brilliant content of 'Ten reasons not to join a church plant' and 'Ten reasons to join one'. Every planter should do their first baptisms as he did in a hot tub on a trailer in the middle of the street  - but must say surprised myself in thinking Cranmer could add a few more words to proceedings:). Perhaps that is because I am reading his biography.....

7. They may save a bit of time if they find a planter who has done a bit of thinking on a framework for discipleship

8. Watching this may break them anew with a burden for the lost as it does in me every time I listen.

9. Listening to Missional Communities and their role in Church planting may be a blessing and watching What do missional communities look like? Also reading Launching missional communities might be stimulating.

10. And finally this film will get any church planter praying

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