Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Praying with your feet

On Sunday, I preached on the subject of 'Teach us to pray' and referred to a super book I highly recommend called Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. If you don't have it you can find a summary of its ideas in a chapter of Courageous leadership. One form of prayer I spoke of was 'Prayer Walking' and it got lots of response from people. As it happens, yesterday I met a Clerk in Holy Orders who greatly enjoys this practice as he walks around this fine city of ours.

Here are some ideas J R Briggs put together to get you walking and praying. Why not give it a go alone, with your dog, with your family, with a prayer partner, with a new believer or with your community/home group. We have used this method frequently during our whole nights of prayer. Jesus said 'When you pray.....' and maybe this can be a new 'when' for you or is perhaps not something you have not even thought of? One person said to me on Sunday 'Is praying as you walk really allowed? I feel so liberated now I know I can pray as I walk around the park?'' Trust me- it's allowed!

1. The important practice of praying with your feet

2. Nine reasons to pray with your feet

3. The frequency of praying with your feet

4. Creative ways to pray with your feet.

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