Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Four books on Marriage

1. The Marriage Book: This is the book of the Marriage Course which is a hugely fruitful ministry to married couples. A friend says that doing the Marriage Course was the best decision she has made for her marriage and she and her husband found it to be such a help and blessing. This is a book that is really good to give to anyone, be they Christian or not, and is packed with wisdom on cultivating a healthy relationship. Excellent also for those who are preparing for marriage as a primer on what they might be in for.

2. The Meaning of Marriage: I was first introduced to Keller through a beaten up old cassette tape about relationships a dear lady in my church gave me and it contained such vast amounts of wisdom that I tracked down his church and bought a set of sermons. I wanted to hear him teach the Bible and the rest is history. This book is one you might want to work through week by week as a 'date-night' read in 2012 and I can't imagine it will not be a massive blessing. One to perhaps to give friends for Christmas?

3. The Real Marriage: One of Mars Hill's most podcasted sermon series is the Peasant Princess. It contains some subjects you will not have heard discussed before in church and offers very candid views about sex and relationships. This is the book of the talks and will be nothing if not controversial but is worth checking out, least of all because of the massive popularity of the talks which seemed to strike a cord with so many. As with most matters Driscoll, it will land in the 'love it or hate it' category but few will probably remain indifferent.

4. The Sacred Marriage: Perry Noble described this as the best book he had ever read on marriage. I came across Gary Thomas reading the excellent Sacred Pathways and he certainly writes well and clearly. I have bigged this up in the past and it seems worthy of being on this list.

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