Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The power of a whisper

There are quite a few books on hearing God and of course some of them are barmy. This one isn't. There are tons of people wanting guidance, wisdom and insight into what they should be doing and where they are going. Hybels has written The Power of the Whisper to share his learnings on this whole subject. It is an easy, sensible, well-written and enjoyable read (especially if you plan on starting a mega-church).

Here are the questions to ask when discerning guidance and God's promptings:

1. FILTER 1: Is the prompting truly from God?

2. FILTER 2: Is it Scriptural?

3. FILTER 3: Is it wise?

4. FILTER 4: Is it in tune with your own character?

5. FILTER 5: What do the people you most trust think?

[Page 267-269]

Not only does this book share some helpful insights it also tells the story of Willow Creek. Whatever you think of Bill Hybels and mega-churches, a reminder that this church started from a youth group in the late seventies to what it is now- a globally influential ministry- is an extraordinary feat. Also, I still think Hybel's book on prayer is one of the most simple and inspiring reads around.

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