Thursday, October 14, 2010


A few bits and bobs:

A fascinating short film called Fallen 

Chile: The President's chaplain gives God the glory and Justin Buzzard also has a good post.

The Russell Brand v Paxman joust was an enjoyable and revealing experience on the nature of celebrity and other matters.

Last night I tried to explain the difference between religion and the gospel to my Alpha group. This is a help

We are on Week 2 of The Gospel in Life and various friends, home groups and churches are running this and really being blessed- tonight we are on The Heart (three ways to life). If you have not listened to Keller on the Prodigal Sons you need to.

Details on the Reason for God DVD which looks great and also a good Keller article on the Poor.

And a debate about the word 'Missional' which is all the buzz in the C of E at the moment just as seemingly it is going out of fashion the other side of the water?

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Saturday blog-sweep

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