Tuesday, October 05, 2010

One theologian

I was greatly impacted by Rick Warren's challenge to renew my mind-trust me it needs it. Not least by his incredible witness to the importance of reading. Reading has marked Warren's life and for many years he read a book a day (as well as writing books including the world's bestseller, planting a church and raising up and mentoring hundreds of leaders). He has a library upwards of twenty thousand books. Quite how he has the time and the energy for all this is mind-boggling.

I suppose you could summarise one the lessons Warren offers with Covey's seventh habit- 'Sharpen the saw'. A fact that truly blew away Piper in this fascinating film was that that he reads through the complete works of one theologian every year. Last year he read 'The complete works of Jonathan Edwards' and this year he is reading 'The Dogmatics' (just so you know how much reading we are talking about see the picture below!)

My ears always perk up when I hear Edwards mentioned as he is my theologian, about whom I know only very little but I plan on spending my life trying to get to grips with him. I have posted some resources on him in the past but challenge you afresh to have a go at exploring the works of this amazing man. I am currently working my way through The Essential Jonathan Edwards Collection as I think about maybe doing my MA dissertation on him. This collection is a really excellent way-in if you want to adopt Edwards as your theologian. I am loving this read. It tells the story of his life interspersed with his writings and sermons and then each chapter ends with a section 'Applying Edwards Life and Ideas'.

Dive in- it really is not as scary as it might seem and this is as good a way to start as any.

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