Saturday, October 30, 2010

For the pod

Many years ago I went on holiday to La Rochelle. I remember two things about it. Firstly, I had just taken up the guitar and I drove my friends mad learning how to play 'D' and singing out of tune renditions of 'Blowing in the wind'. The second thing I remember is that I read Surprised by joy by C S Lewis and since that time have read many of his books and a few essays. Why am I telling you this? On my long journey to and from Cornwall I listened to this excellent talk on Lewis called Lessons from an inconsolable soul. It will propel you to your bookshelf to rediscover Lewis or may encourage you to read him for the first time.

I am loving the Romans series and much enjoyed Christian on Romans Part 4 which has a wonderful story of sharing the gospel in Mongolia and Simon in Part 3 has an insight into John Stott's prayer life that inspired me.

I also enjoyed this brilliant Keller talk on Christianity and sexuality and Drissol on The Lord's prayer.

You get quite a bit of listening done in 11 hours in the car!

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