Monday, November 27, 2017

The first of many book lists

Apologies to readers that I have not returned to Saturday blog-sweep. This will be rectified.

Here is the Desiring God Books of 2017 list and as a result of it I have put a Martin Luther biography on my Christmas list.


simon said...

I recommend Lyndal Roper's Luther - Renegade and Prophet. Lyndal is Regius Professor of History at Oxford and has spent 10years researching and writing this book. I loved it. Showing Luther in historical, sociological, contextual, familial setting, rather than as a mannequin dressed in Reformed Doctrines - she exposes his humanity rather than creating & perpetrating hagiography. Cookie, this is a must read - and as one who loves literature, you will revel in her beautiful prose.


David Cooke said...

Thanks Si. I will get hold of a copy.

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