Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday thoughts

1. We discussed Just One today and were generally musing on the potential impact of a stadium event in a post-Christian world vs Graham at the Hackney Empire in 1957. Perhaps the answer will depend on the prayer?

2. Eugene Peterson has a new book coming out which is always exciting.

3. I wrote a blog post to get something off my chest and haven't published it. Who knows if I will. Today, I spotted the case of a heterosexual couple who think its unfair they can't have a civil partnership because they are a man and women. I am even more confused having read this and the news is they lost.

4. Cranmer wrote a blog post about my Bishop which introduced me to the word 'quixotically'

5. You will be forever grateful to the people/person who led you to Jesus. The person who did that for me was doing his first university mission and slept on the floor of a students room for a week. Now he's speaking in Football stadiums.....

6. This section of BiOY hit me this morning. Jago is a Vicar pal in Clapham leading a wonderful church:

Jago Wynne, author of the book Working Without Wilting, talks about pastoring mid-week gatherings for people working in London. He says that those who came by themselves from their workplace as isolated Christians generally looked weary, struggling with the pressures of working life.
On the other hand, those who had found other Christian colleagues and who came to the services in groups of two or more were almost universally far more upbeat and radiant.
Jago writes, ‘If we are isolated Christians in our day-to-day environments, whether that is the workplace or school or university or home, it is good to pray for the Lord to provide us with another brother or sister in Christ. Even their mere presence can be a source of encouragement to keep going in serving the Lord in life and in mission.’
7. I've recommended 'Making sense of God' to someone on our Alpha Course. Here is Keller speaking about it to Google.

8. I've been listening quite a bit to Brandi Carlile recently.

9. My watching the storyline in Nashville about the complexities and pain of coming out as a country star coincided with my reading this post about complexities, confusion and pain of coming out as a Vicar to General Synod.  

10. I am still falling asleep to MLJ.

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