Monday, February 06, 2017

A day closer

We've been away for a bit of a break which has been wonderful.

1. We watched 'Black in Trump's America' and there was a financial statistic comparing the wealth of blacks and whites that literally left us without words.

2. A pal has put me on to a propheticy podcast called 'The Trumpet Daily' that has become his bedtime listening. Listening to the one about the Inauguration was I confess fascinating, a little crazy and compelling in equal measure. In days gone by (the time of 'The thief in the night') Christians were forever debating the signs of the times- now not so much.  This was a bit like an audio version of 'Left behind' but with more gravitas and quite why it is broadcast from Oxford for an American radio station is unknown. My go-to book for eschatology is 'And the lamb wins' 

3. I have started reading 'Dirty Glory'

4. Yesterday, I used 'The Rose' as an illustration and every time I listen to it it reminds me of how much grace has been extended to me and to us all.

5. A new motto

6, I try (and sometimes fail) to take one day a week for what John Stott called 'Q' in his diary.

7. I am enjoying the songs of Brandi Carlile.

8. Is 'regret' what's needed or something else? It's unlikely to help the dialogue at General synod this month. Psephizo asks 'Were shared conversations a con?'

9. This is our most important task

10. 'The greatest answer to prayer is prayer itself. God can perform miracles easily, but only rarely do we humble ourselves enough to truly ask for them. When the church becomes so hungry for more of God's power and presence that we finally turn to him in persevering prayer, seeking his face day and night, we can be sure that the Lord will not be slow to act'

Dirty Glory, Page 43

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