Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday wanderings

1. I don't know what my heart would have done without Eugene Peterson. Here he is on 'Learning to love the church'

2. I meet with some friends on a Wed morning to pray and spoke to them about what happened to my heart when I got the order of things the right way around, This talk will explain what I mean.

3, I am missing my dad today.

4. A very encouraging pal told me John Wimber used to often say:

'Our orders are standing orders until they are changed orders'  

5, Here's another 'Best books of 2016' list that might put a few reads on your 2017 list.

6. I like this quote from Cromwell when he was having his portrait done:

'Mr Lily I desire you would use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me and not Flatter me at all, But remark all these ruffness, pimples and warts and everything as you see it. Otherwise I will never pay you a farthing' 

'Abraham' Chuck Swindoll

7. I enjoy J D's preaching so I am interested what he's got to say about heaven and hell

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