Thursday, October 06, 2016

Ten things for a Thursday

1. I've been on a two-day thing with Lead Academy which has left me with a few thoughts to ponder It ended with a cracking night at 'Sanctuary'. 

2. I went to school and spent some of my early years living in Scotland and so anyone planting a church there is encouraging. I've was struck by the line 'No one else is coming'

3. This Simon Sinek quote is worth a mull on. He's speaking at LC17

4. We were recommended 'Real Leadership' as the best book one of our coaches at Lead Academy has read in the last five years.

5. I've been watching quite a bit of Postman Pat and it strikes me that given his serial incompetence it's a wonder he's held onto his job for so long.

6. Sally's made 'A world without Downs syndrome'. Don't miss it. Cranmer has posted this.

7. A Vicar pal recommended 'The success equation' which is about luck (which I know we don't believe in but he tells me it's jolly good and interesting)

8.  We watched this and were asked which conductor we thought we were.

9. A pal has been loving this song.

10. If you are a Type A or just trying to get things done with some pace you will relate to this trailer.

11.  I know it said 'Ten' but I had one more. Mission Direct are launching Mission Direct UK with us tonight which we are excited to be involved with.

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Mark Shepherd said...

The reason Pat has kept his job for so long is because he is unionised. Same as the train conductor on the broken down train who wouldn't open the doors at Mortlake station for 30 minutes because he was waiting for confirmation from Manchester that we were actually at the station.

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