Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday bits and bobs

1. God works through people.

'Engaging in the mission of God is not just about asking, 'What would Jesus do?' but also, 'What does Jesus want to do through me'

Jesus continued.... [page 85]

2. I am taking delivery of 'Simple gospel' today which someone recommended to me.

3. I have been reading through the Deuteronomy passages about blessings and curses and as a result have dipped into some of the writings of Derek Prince that I have on my shelves. I am now minded to find out a bit more about his life. He sounds like a posh (Eton and Cambridge), academic and very charismatically-minded chappy.

4. My pal recommended the new Jesus culture album 'Let it echo' and says it has at least four good songs on it.

5. I am reading 'The Righteous Mind' which is not a bad book if you are trying to fathom how to vote in the referendum. It won't give you the answer but it is a fascinating analysis of how politics and religion divide good people.

6. This bit from 'When men think private thoughts' has lingered with me:

'In spite of all the (questionable, I think) efforts made in our time to raise and educate boys and girls in a fashion that is free of gender identity, the fact remains that they pick up signals of differing expectations from the culture, The greatest point of demarcation has to do with emotions and relationships. 

Psycolologist Alvin Baraff writes in 'Men Talk':

Girls are taught to honor and understand their emotions. Conversely, boys are encouraged, even forced, to hold in and suppress their emotions. There is hardly a man ......today who didn't grow up hearing such admonitions as 'Big boys don't cry!' and 'Be a man!'. The commands form the young boys reality'

7. Piper speaking about 2 Cor 4:4 gave me some good things to reflect on and pray about. 'Glory' is an amazing word.

8. Visual theology looks like its worth getting hold of if you want a way in to matters and issues theological and biblical.

9. I have returned again recently to the chapter entitled 'The Leadership Pathway' in 'Courageous Leadership'. It's a very helpful analysis of how we are each differently shaped.

10. The Godly Trait is worth some of your time.

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