Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday musing

1. The story of Joseph the Masai warrior was striking.

2. This tweet was prompted by BiOY this morning.

3. Interesting insight about parents having conversations with kids.

4. I have been dipping once again into 'Dangerous Calling' in which Paul Tripp shares his issues with anger.

'I always say it this way: "No one is more influential in your life than you are, because no one talks to you more than you do." Whether you realise it or not, you are in the unending conversation with yourself, and the things you say abut you are formative of the way you live. You are constantly talking to yourself about your identity, your spirituality, your functionality, your emotionality, your mentality, your personality, your relationships, etc. You are constantly preaching to yourself some kind of gospel'

5. The Leaders Pathway is a helpful chapter in 'Courageous leadership' to discuss as a group or a team.

6. Two points that I can still remember from Sunday's sermon in Luke 18:1-8 by Will.

a. Pray always
b. Do not lose heart.

Super illustration about high climbing.

7. For various reasons, I have been thinking about goals and wondering whether or not to add any to my rather limited number. a. Keep loving and following Jesus b. Stay married c. Make some disciples 

Buy an Airstream and travel is always an option to add to the list but still stuck at three.....

8. I found myself pushing a pram around a shop listening to this song and it prompted me to start dancing. This led to a discussion with Mrs C on the way home about whether or not we would ever again go to a nightclub.

9. We are excited about the last episode of 'Line of Duty'. Cracking telly.

10. Our Church APCM on Wednesday and we have so much to be thankful for.

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