Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday musing

1, I watched this and it blessed me. It was a memorable worship moment in the midst of everyday life.

2. I am really enjoying preaching through Jonah. I included this Tim Keller quote yesterday

'Grace is a completely undeserved gift from a completely unobligated giver'

3. A Vicar pal was encouraged reading 'The Unstoppable force' which is perhaps one for you if you lead a church and are in need of some creativity and inspiration.

4. There is quite a bit of buzz about Songs of Praise from Calais

5. I my unqualified opinion the pick of the bunch on 'Unbroken praise' is this (Matt is helped a little by Isaac Watts):

7. In light of the planned parenthood video horrors it might be good and timely to watch the film 40 

8. I have bought Mighty (which goes to show I am refreshing my worship banks which have become a little stale of late)

9. My favorite quote from Bake off:

'It's just a cake'

10. If you want to read a depressing piece then avail yourself of 'When will the C of E be extinct?'


In light of this, it slightly beggars belief that the primary thing the C of E is putting its time and money into is Shared Conversations about sexuality rather than urgently gathering its leaders to equip them for mission and evangelism. Such is the way of things. Now, if I were recommending one chapter read for SC- I would point you to the chapter on homosexuality in Richard Hays masterful work 'The Moral Vision of the New Testament'

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