Saturday, February 07, 2015

Saturday blog-sweep

I have had a few complaints about my lack of blogging. Apologies to all my readers but please know my time has been spent I hope fruitfully on a few other matters this week. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about Swedes and Sweden.

I love the Show up campaign. Play the film in your churches at some point in the run up to the election.

We should all be watching the brilliant and fascinating fly on the wall Inside the commons

69 links for readers, leaders and creatives

Lost for words having read this post.

5 Apps that changed my life last year

I chatted with Kristen this week about her new cookbook called 'Tonight at 7.30'. Check it out.

You can't start a company on your own no matter how big a genius you are.

30 questions to ask if you need guidance

Dear Stephen Fry

A super and timely post for me on 14 Questions every Christian Leader should ask and I am challenged afresh to withdraw and seek God. As it happens, I am planning to do just that next week for a couple of days.

I have Scary Close on pre-order.

J I packer says you should read this book three times.

Interesting thought on fun. Piper much as I love him never comes across as being a pastor in any danger of having too much of it :)

This singleness post caught my eye as Valentines day approaches

The great porn experiment is interesting and worth your time and hold enormous implications for children and young adults of this generation.

h/t J D Grear

Tim Hughes is interviewed about his move to Birmingham. In the interview, he recommends the book Chasing Francis about which he says:

'I read a really interesting book over the summer, a book called Chasing Francis. It's about an American church leader who gets slightly burnt out and he goes on a retreat to Italy, to Rome, and spends time with some Franciscan monks and learns all about Francis of Assisi. At one point he's talking about this idea of a new kind of pastor emerging. He calls them the 'artist pastor', where actually we'd see the amazing blessing and benefit of art and creativity and the visual to really communicate the gospel, to really reach out to people.'

Love your city
h/t Trevin Wax

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