Thursday, November 20, 2014

The best book on parenting ever written

I have been working on a rather tricky passage in Galatians 4 (one of the most difficult in the NT apparently according to Tom Schreiner's commentary) and as part of my prep was listening to this sermon on Romans 7 to yet again try to get my head around the distinction between law and gospel. That's actually not the point of this post which is simply to share a quote that hit me (19 mins 18 sec in) that I have transposed for you if you are a parent:

' .....if you are a parent and you want to know how the gospel should shape the way you raise your kids- seriously buy Elise Fitzpatrick's book 'Give them grace: dazzling your kids with the love of Jesus'- it is mind-blowing, unbelievable and it's the best parenting book that has ever been written...that's no exaggeration, in my humble opinion.'

Feel free to listen to the whole talk on Romans 7-8 or probably better still spend the time reading the book. As ever, feel free to disagree and if you have found your 'best parenting book' already then do share it.

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