Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday musing

Here is Billy Graham's new film on heaven which is worth half an hour. One for Facebook.

A friend sent me a great song and it led me to this one which has now got stuck in my head.

Anne Lamott on the true gift of friendship

I am mulling on this ditty on holiness from my BiOY this morning and loved the CS Lewis quote.

I love a list and leadership and productivity guru Michael Hyatt has shared his top ten books of all time.

I have revisited his post on Evernote which I am now using more and is fast becoming where I store everything. Don't buy a scanner (as Hyatt suggests and will cost you £350) just download scan drop and you can scan from a standard HP scanner.

I have taken delivery of Prayer by TK and I am just finishing Miracles which I have really enjoyed.

My friend's life verse is Acts 9:17

David Keen has the latest C of E stats.

The Natural Evangelism Course looks like good stuff and might help C of E numbers a tad. I am going on this in January to 'sharpen my saw' as Covey would say.

We are running the Prayer Course with a group. I sent them a couple of talks on prayer last week called Pray First by Chris Hodges and everyone listened to them. I was much encouraged. They are good stuff.

A pal is using Precept Ministry study material in her home group which were new to me. She says it's brilliant.

We've finished watching 'Suits' which is a box set worth asking Santa for.

So far on our lists for Christmas Mrs C and I have a cling film cutter which my Ma is going to give us. We'll be made up and it's £5.99. Christmas is cheap in our house :)

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