Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 350

I am on the Southwark Clergy Conference (4 days)

In the last week, I will have listened to and been taught by as great a variety of people as anyone I know. 

Geoff Surrat of Seacoast Church, Peter Haas of Substance and Chris Rogers of Church of the Highlands are all part of a church planting movement called ARC. They taught me for a couple of days last week and were excellent. 

This week, among others, we have John Sentamu ++ of York, Sister Dominica founder of Helen House, Mike Lloyd-Principal lf Wycliffe Hall, Ken Costa CW of HTB and Sam Wellls- Vicar of St Martin in the Fields. We also have African theologian Esther Mambo with us who taught us wonderfully on the Woman at the well first thing.  

There is lots I could share but Mike Lloyd's phrase 'If you create your own meaning it's always smaller than you are.'   particularly struck me. However,  probably of all that has happened thus far Esther walking into a room of 350 Clergy with a clay jar on her head is the thing that will stick most with me. 

I will post some more as I find time. 

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