Friday, May 23, 2014

Prayer, golf, money, mourning and a film

Rather a lack of posting I'm afraid.

I love Ellie's post entitled 'What day is it?'

Mrs C and I have just finished watching Broadchurch which is simply brilliant TV drama. It seems to have passed many of us by but now's the time to discover it.

If you haven't listened to Simon's talks yet then do. Session 2 on Psalm 119 is worth the time and will get you opening your Bible. While you are at it Barry Kissell, who is part of our church family, spoke on 'Anxiety' last weekend which is a don't miss.

We have started The Prayer Course in our home and we are using it in our community groups. It's going down a storm and is just BRILLIANT. So simple, practical and we are all learning how to pray together. We had some amazing testimonies from last week of people praying and God responding in his love and power. This is a super post-Alpha journey about prayer for any group or run it as a home group or staff team or just with a small bunch a friends.

If you struggle with prayer this book seems like one to read.

We are showing The Legend of Bagger Vance at our Film Night. It's about golf (only a bit) but it's really about the Holy Spirit :)

Just finished Francis Chan's chapter called Tuning your engine.

We are starting a new series on the Ten Commandments. One man in our church has been so blessed reading Just 10

This talk on tithing is an interesting one about generosity. As we have 30 churches in Southwark under threat of closure because we don't have money, we could clearly do with a bit more teaching on money around the place. I am preaching on not coveting this weekend. Jesus seemed not the least bit shy on the subject. I do love a bit of James MacDonald who may not be everyone's cup of java but he does preach the Bible with a bit of wallop.

I had to preach at the funeral of a stillborn child and was so grateful for this book.

The story of Bishop Kivergere moved me today in my BIOY notes.

We're getting hold of hay bales because we're having a Barnes churches Barn dance. Must get myself a check shirt and a pair of braces!

My takeout from this Rick and Kay Warren interview was never to say the words 'At least'. Make time for this. Quoted some of its content yesterday in my talk.

Loved hanging out with the excellent Rev Jon Kissel and the folk of St Georges Tolworth on Wednesday night.  Such a great bunch.

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