Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting away

'The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion'
John Wesley

Here's what I (we) learnt on our Church weekend

1. We are loved by God.

2. Hanging out as a church family is what we were made for.

3. The Bible is God's living word and reading it is life to us.

4. Children are not the church of tomorrow they are the church of today

5. A good walk and a cup of tea with folk beats most other things.

6. As much prayer happens around tables with food as it does in meetings 

7. God never runs on schedule

8. If the Gospel doesn't make you cry you may not yet have understood it.

9. Breakfast is my favourite meal.

10. I like my own bed.

I have posted the HTB Leadership talks but to be honest if I were you I would listen to Simon Ponsonby's talks on the HT Barnes website. 

They will most surely bless you:

Talk 1 is on Adoption (Romans 8)

Talk 2 is on The Word of God (Psalm 119)

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