Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturday blog-sweep

If Philip Seymour Hoffman isn't happy what hope is there for the rest of us

A new Q marks the spot including the latest Steve Chalke prompted hoo-ha about the Bible. Christianity Magazine has a Bible Debate and a good response from Andrew Wilson

The new president of Ukraine is a baptist pastor.

Trevin Wax's perceptive application of Daniel 3

Why being alone scares me

Fascinating piece by Abraham Piper on leaving the faith of his parents and being converted reading Romans . Do forward this helpful wisdom to anyone struggling with a child who has walked away from faith or keep it on file if such a time should come.

Life as a church planter

We all love a time management tip or two

Tim Challies says 'The Economics of Sex' is the most interesting thing you will encounter all day

A moving post entitled 'What we are saying when we don't mention the gospel'

An interesting post about Tim Keller and God's wrath

Dash House put me on this this post about what TEDx presenters do that preachers can learn from.

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