Friday, March 07, 2014

Ministry is about fishing

1. As both a fly-fisherman and Vicar I loved this post. If more people fly-fished with world would be.....

2. The expression 'Charge the darkness' is on my heart having been to listen to Gary Haugen on Sunday at HTB. You should watch this interview and also should think about reading The Locust Effect..

3. My friend Bob recommended Epic Grace: Chronicles of a recovery idiot. What a truly great name for a book.

4, Another Vicar pal is being deeply impacted by reading Dangerous Calling.

5. We are working through the Ten Commandments inspired by our friend J John and we've got to adultery. Such a good staff meeting on the subject yesterday run by Pete.

6. I am reading this as my Lent read.

7. I am so encouraged that people have downloaded the BiOY App. Our OT reading today was about bodily emissions...and the atonement :)

8. I was invited today to attend a free lunch for local pastors  at which an American chappy called Randy Clark was speaking. I was much encouraged and saw a few pals to boot which is always the best thing about a free lunch-if indeed such a thing exists :)

9. A Vicar pal's tip on parenting a young family was to read the book 'A good enough Dad'. His kids are now grown up and are also following Jesus which says something about his parenting skills.

10. I'm still very much enjoying and being encouraged by What's best next.

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