Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday blog-sweep

Malcolm Gladwell and his return to faith and here speaking @ TED

Stoned for a mobile phone

How much an extra hours sleep can change you

20 things every Twentysomething should know how to do

The surplus population

Why are feminists deliberately silent about the abortion of girls

Wendell Berry

The Wounds of a friend and Continuous partial attention (see here too for some stats on our mobiles)

Ten words that drastically changed my relationships

Five questions to ask your spouse every week

Our calling

via A faith to live by


Moyra said...

Your second link "stoned for a mobile phone" doesn't seem to link to an article about that?

On a different note, I loved the wedding photos! It was such a lovely day, and such a delight to be able to be there. Hope to be able to meet you some time soon, and to catch up with Rachel, who I've not seen for a proper conversation for far too long now!

David Cooke said...

Thanks Moyra. I will try and fix the link and really glad you enjoyed the photos. I too hope we can meet at some point and very much look forward to it.