Monday, May 20, 2013

Revivals and Conversions

As readers will know I am still following the events in Cwmbran with interest. Here is a latest update that reports that over 300 have given their lives to Christ and 60 of these were recently baptised.

One of the marks of revival is of course people coming to believe in and follow Jesus. This has various names to describe it -conversion, regeneration, the new birth (this is a good talk called 'What happen's in the New Birth' that explains what it is), salvation, 'being saved' and so on but they all denote a sense of both an event and an experience. In other words, in response to the proclamation of Christ people repent and believe on him.

For my Pentecost sermon I revisited the conversion story of C T Studd as told in Norman Grubb's book Cricketer and pioneer which puts words to one such conversion event:

“ But my friend exclaimed, ‘ Oh my child if anyone has had a warning from God, you have;  Give him your heart and nothing will ever disturb the peace of mind he will give you’ I was not conscious of wanting any such thing, but unlike my usual self, instead of mocking at such words but myself kneeling and saying ‘ I have never decided for God but I will tonight’ Then I realized I knew the devil as a person, as he actually seemed to come to my side, torturing me by bringing to remembrance all the times I had mocked and scoffed and said I would never love nor yield my allegiance to overshadow me and a voice, oh so different, asked ‘ Child, what do you want?’ To get to God but I can’t’ for their seemed a vertitable great gulf fixed, and I like Bunyan, with so great a load on me that I could not move.  Suddenly close to me was raised the cross with Jesus Christ nailed upon it, and with riven-side, and I saw blood flow.  Quickly the words came to me….’Why wast though there? And immediately a voice replied,  ‘ With my stripes you are healed.  The vision of the cross disappeared, my burden too, and I arose.  My friend greeted my with’ well what is it to be?’ I said ‘ I have seen Calvary and henceforth he shall be my Lord and my God” Page 73

Tim Challies has a timely piece on the great Welsh hymn Guide me O thou Great Jehovah' . Do sing it this new day and do pray for the people of Cwmbran, for Richard Taylor and all God is doing in that place.

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Norman said...

Your blog is excellent. Don't know where you get your material from but it is God inspired. The current stuff is terrific. Thanks for introducing me to Victory Church.