Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's all in a name

'Barbara Clapham came to live in London. After two years she decided she was going to look for a church. One Sunday morning she walked into our church and the lady who was welcoming people at the door smiled at her. Barbara said that because of that smile, she decided to come back the following week. When she walked in the next Sunday the same lady said, ‘Hello Barbara’.

Barbara said that because the person on the door remembered her name, she decided that she was going to come back every Sunday. And every week since then, apart from when she is ill or on holiday, Barbara has come to our church. That was in 1946. She ran the finances of the church for many years. She has made a huge impact on the life of HTB. I wonder whether that person on the door ever realised the difference she made by remembering Barbara’s name.'

Nicky Gumbel in the notes for Bible in one year


Clout said...

I wonder if anyone would know she was 'new' if she walked into HTB next Sunday?!

A favourite story of mine concerning a church (close to your heart Cookie) is:

Welcome Team member: "Hello and welcome. Are you new here?"
Person at the door: "No, I'm the church warden. Who are you?!"

David Cooke said...

interesting thought.

Love the quote.