Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If you do this one thing.....

I have dipped into a deep well of Leadership resources and this one written by the excellent blogger Ron Edmondson impacted me:

"Dr. Graham was frail, obviously weakened from how most of us think of Billy Graham, but he was gracious, gentle, and still very alert.
One of the coaches asked Dr. Graham a question.
What word of advice would you have for guys like us, just beginning our careers and still young in our faith?
The young coaches expected something profound from the famed pastor, but Dr. Graham frailly and simply answered:

Read your Bible and pray everyday.

Did you catch that? Was it too fast for you? Should I write it again?

Read your Bible and pray everyday.

Wow! Deep!
Billy Graham, after years of influencing others with the Gospel, encouraged these men with what was most important in developing themselves longterm as believers.

Spend time with God everyday!

Here’s my take on Billy Graham’s encouragement:
Don’t try to make it more complicated than it is. Sometimes simple is the most profound.

Read your Bible and pray everyday."

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