Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday musing

1. Someone's bought a chair and having watched this is now sitting in it with a Bible in their hands.

2. Billy Graham took this book on the Holy Spirit on his summer holiday in 1981 and read it three times.

3. My friend is going through a set of sermons on Galatians that changed my life. 4 down and 26 to go.

4. This is a good new worship offering if you are looking for one for the car (I listened to it in someone else's)

5. The chapter about Corrie Ten Boom in A Traveller's Guide to the Kingdom about how God guides should not be missed.

6. My mum's Vicar was on Any questions speaking about Synod matters and Dave Walker also has thoughts.

7. Much inspired by Jonathan Conrathe as I lunched and prayed today with him and some local Pastors. I just love being around Evangelists. If the C of E ordained a few more we might not be in such a pickle.

8. Thinking about the 'who' for me of Project Gratitude

9. My pal Rod has some good reflections on last week and he also tells me Calvin's big in China.

10. We had a marvellous Christmas Fair for local traders on Saturday organised by Fabrice the inspiring owner of Spoonful. It raised money for the Riverbank Trust.

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