Friday, November 25, 2011


As you might know, I am planning to plant a church with a few people, some faith and lots of prayer. We met for the first time in my friends home on Wednesday. Twenty years ago two of the people in the room were not Christians but they became so within months of each other in the same Church. I was one of them.

We were both influenced by, prayed for and discipled by the same man. His name was Andy and we had both played rugby with him. Recently, Andy met another of our mutual friends at a party in Salisbury having never met him before and quite by chance and by piecing together some information Andy was told the news that we were both still following Jesus and I was a Vicar. He was absolutely stunned. I met with Andy as an infant believer, he gave me a copy of Every day with Jesus for new Christians, we read the Bible together and he encouraged me on the way. We only did this a few timesas I remember and then I moved to another city and we lost touch.

Please watch Strangers and then have a look around you, ask the Holy Spirit and see if there is any one person you might be able to meet up with (and it might only be for a hand full of times) to be a friend to, to encourage and to bless them in their walk with or questions about Jesus. You never know, in twenty years time they might end up having a crack at planting a church :)

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