Thursday, November 24, 2011

Discipleship is all about Jesus

Discipleship is about loving Jesus.

I know I should make it more complicated than this but it seems to me that if you love Jesus with all your mind, heart and soul and give your best Spirit-filled shot at loving others too you will make a follower or two.

My discipleship lesson 1-0-1 of the day then is wait for Jesus

It has always struck me that I got all the way through the selection process to be ordained in the C of E and no one ever asked me that simple question, "Do you love Jesus?" (John 21). Oops.

Fortunately I did and do.

I happened on this film of Kayleigh this week which I had not seen and didn't know she had made. Kayleigh is part of our church family and has come to love Jesus and seeing this encouraged me and many others greatly. I baptised her in the summer. This is I guess why I get out of bed in the morning. I am going to watch it on those days that come every now and then when a smidgen of encouragement is needed.

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