Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decision time

This morning in my daily reading I found myself in the account of the Crucifixion. I spent some time once again reflecting on the Cross.

It struck me that aspiringly great men write books about themselves. Truly great men have books written about them. This is true recently of both Blair and Bush. Leaders who have led a life of power then self-justify there actions by writing about them.  How differently Jesus saw things-Matthew 10 v 39.

Michael Hyatt has a good post called 'How leaders make tough decisions' on the leadership lessons of George Bush including the interview he recently gave. It is worth watching and I wonder what you make of this man having done so?


Anonymous said...

Hi David - It is perhaps interesting to see the gospel as 'biographies' of Jesus. Maybe because of the authorial intentions, biographies in themselves seem to draw much heat, as in Blair's. I am sure the gospels would have done more so. Challenging post. Thanks.

David Cooke said...

Thank for this. Is Luke 1:1-4 is a good example?

An account of things fulfilled

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